I want to help parenting be possible for those on a more stricted budget.

I want to help parenting be possible for those on a more stricted budget.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

When I bought my son the TMNT Lego collection to built the convertible airplane/jet I was glad one it was on sale. The next because my it would keep my ADHD son occupied and out of trouble for awhile. I didn't anticipate he would want more. To this day he keep collecting the Lego build sets and has buckets and buckets of individual Legos sorted by color and size. I can't wait until he accomplishes his goal to be an architectural engineer when he grows up. When a child has a behavior disorder it is harder for them to stay focused and concentrate. With Legos he has found a way to work hard with his physical motor skills and was able to concentrate for longer periods of time. I found Legos to be his therapy. http://legoclassicblog.kidstoysonline.net/add-a-blog-post/
The Senate is likely to review the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA), which regulates toxic chemicals, shortly after they return to Washington.
This is your chance to be heard! Join Seventh Generation, and other health and environmental advocates, in reaching out to your Senators to call for meaningful changes to the updated TSCA law.
Tell your Senator that any TSCA reform legislation must contain provisions that:
1) protects the rights of states to regulate toxic chemicals; 2) immediately gets the worst, most toxic chemicals off the market; and 3) prioritizes identifying and reviewing the most high-risk chemicals first.
It's unacceptable that legislation would be considered without these common sense elements. Tell your Senator that reform should only go forwards, not backwards.
Join us and our partners the Breast Cancer Fund to tell our leaders it's time for real toxic chemical reform.